What Can and Cannot Go in a Dumpster Rental?


Are you looking for a dumpster rental service in Orlando? You may have piles of junk and debris around your home or office. Perhaps you’re renovating or doing a construction clean-up. Whatever the case may be, a  Javi’s dumpster rental in Orlando can provide the solution. You can choose from ten to twenty-yard dumpsters from companies such as Bin There Dump That.


You should be aware of pesticides in a dumpster rental before making a decision to rent one. While no household is immune to the potential for hazardous waste, common household items can contain pesticides, resulting in the need for special disposal methods. While these types of waste are not accepted by most Orlando Florida dumpster rentals, proper disposal can help protect the environment and the health of the public. In addition, properly disposed waste makes it easier for Orlando recycling centers to process.

When disposing of pesticide waste, follow the instructions on the label. The product label may not say whether the pesticide is hazardous, so it is important to follow the directions on the container. If you are not sure, call your local agricultural agency. They can determine the type of soil and how far it extends to groundwater. Pesticides should be shaken or shook thoroughly. Remember, you’re also responsible for following local and state regulations.

Household cleaners

You’ll need to know what can and cannot go in a Orlando Florida dumpster rental for your specific project before renting a roll-off container. Most non-hazardous household waste can go in a dumpster. This includes trash, yard waste, and construction and demolition debris. Certain types of materials are prohibited, including mattresses, which are banned from landfills and may cause additional fees. In order to ensure that your dumpster rental experience goes as smoothly as possible, here’s what you can and cannot put in a roll-off container:

Hazardous waste

Whether you’re tearing down a home or remodeling a business, there are plenty of ways to get rid of your hazardous waste in Orlando, FL dumpster rentals. Some of these waste disposal options are less expensive than others, but they can’t just throw any type of waste in a dumpster. Some hazardous waste disposal solutions include incineration, composting, demolition, and materials recovery. If you’re unsure about what your options are, consider calling a waste disposal company in Orlando that handles hazardous waste.

Before you rent a dumpster, check with your city government to see what materials are accepted and what’s not. Some cities have specific regulations about where dumpsters can be placed, and you may need to obtain a permit from your city. If you can’t get a permit, check with your local government or homeowners’ associations. Permits are usually cheap and easy to obtain. Be sure to check with Orlando recycling for details about what items they accept.

Medical waste

When renting a roll-off Orlando Florida dumpster rental, you should pay special attention to the rules regarding hazardous waste. While no household produces a large amount of hazardous waste, many common items can cause this problem. These materials are prohibited in the municipal waste system, and most rented dumpsters also do not allow them. Proper disposal of hazardous waste will help protect the health of the public and make it easier for recycling centers in Orlando to process it.

The cost of renting a roll-off container depends on a few factors, including the type of debris you’re disposing of. The weight of the debris and the size of the dumpster will determine the cost of the rental. It’s important to estimate the amount of waste before ordering, as overfilling can result in additional fees of $40 to $100. Other factors that influence the cost of a roll-off Orlando FL dumpster rental include the size of the roll-off container. A standard roll-off container is 7.5 feet long by 3.5 feet wide and eight feet high.


Whether you’re tearing down a house or remodeling your office, a dumpster rental in Orlando will make the process easier than ever. Dumpster rentals make it easy to haul away your garbage and recycle it all in one simple trip. Unlike other methods of trash disposal, dumpsters don’t require burning, so they are a great choice for those who care about the environment. Although some garbage can be burned safely, many other types release toxins into the environment.

Some dumpsters and landfills do not accept electronic products. This is because they contain metals that can cause environmental harm. Many communities have laws that govern the proper disposal of this waste. In addition, many communities have recycling centers dedicated to e-waste. Before you toss away your electronic waste, make sure to contact your local authorities to find out how to dispose of the particular type of electronics you have.